Reports, alarms and oversight

Most systems generate some data, many require supervision and alarm signalling, and all can benefit from some report generation to oversight enable administration and monitoring of the system.

We can provide customized software, whether a browser based solution, Windows applications or solutions for handheld devices, to control your system and to collect data from it and store it in a database database from where it can be accessed for analysis and processing.

alarm Software can monitor your data in real-time and generate an alarm whenever a user-defined trigger is recognized (e.g. a certain temperature is exceeded, goods must be reordered, etc.). Alarms can be displayed at the user's device, sent by email or SMS or can be an audio/visual alarm of the more traditional type. Such alarms can also be integrated with your existing systems, and can warn of minor incidents or help alert potential disasters to mission critical equipment.

report generation Our software can enable you to generate user defined reports (suitable for export to spreadsheets or into document templates) or present information visually as histograms, pie-charts, etc. Reports can be as high-levelled or as detailed as you require, perhaps beginning with a "traffic light" report for upper level management with the ability to "drill down" into more detailed reports as necessary. Regularly generated reports can help you spot trends which enable you to streamline your business process.