Handheld devices

tablet smartphone It is an undeniable fact that the future belongs to hand-held devices, whether the increasingly ubiquitous tablet or a smart-phone with more processing power than the average desktop PC. These handled devices can completely replace desktop PCs or laptops within your organization or can complement them, as a seamlessly integrated extension of your system.

You may have a company policy or personal preference for use of Android tablets, smartphones and other handheld devices, over those from Apple or Blackberry or running Windows. Whatever your preference, rest assured that we can develop a system to meet your requirements.

We can provide powerful, device specific applications for Windows, Android, iPad/iPhone or Blackberry devices, or more generic browser-based solutions which can be used by any platform or mixture of devices.

barcode reader ruggedized smartphone Devices used can be standard, off the shelf, equipment such as you probably might have in your organization, or we can source and program ruggedized devices or devices with built in barcode scanners or RFID/NFC readers, etc., for your field operatives.