Our Philosophy

Our intention is to be a recognized centre of excellence for systems development in Singapore, the Asia-Pacific region, and beyond.

We recognize that out-sourcing has many challenges for a client - primarily in the areas of software quality and the difficulties of managing a remote location with a different corporate or societal culture. At Leonix Solutions we understand such reservations and misgivings - not least because we have experienced the problems first-hand in our own careers.

With Leonix Solutions, the client can be assured that there is a commitment to both customer satisfaction and also to seeing a job well done. Our aim is to deliver quality software - and reduce, not increase, your project risk. For that reason, we hope and anticipate that once a client has worked with us, a mutually beneficial long-term relationship will follow.

We are committed to providing reliable, robust and correct software products. To this end we ensure that industry quality standards and methods are a top priority in any project.